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Researchware, Inc.

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I am a customer, how do get my username and password?

If you have purchased ResearchWare products from us, you are already registered on our web site, and a new username and random password were pregenerated for you to access to our web site at


The Login to the Researchware web site is shown below.


Researchware Login
Found in the "Member Center"

at the top right-hand
corner of most pages
on the web site


Researchware Login
May appear when not
logged in and trying
to access a bookmark
or URL of a page that
requires a login.


To recover your username, click on "Recover your login details"  link below the Login area. Follow the instructions to recover your pregenerated username (you will need the email address you originally used to purchase our software).  Enter your email, the security code, and click "Send Username/Password" to receive an email with your username.


After recovering your username, repeat the process and click on the "Recover your login details" link again to recover your password. After you recover your password, you can log in using either your email address or username AND your password.


If you have already recovered your login information OR registered on the web site before purchasing, just log in using the username and password you used before.

Once logged in, you can select Your Profile from the Community menu to edit your member profile to change your password or update other profile information.