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I coded a source in the wrong case. How do I fix this?

As you code your sources in HyperRESEARCH, you may discover that some chunk of source material you just coded should be in a different case. Or you may have just made a mistake and coded the source "Person A" to case "B" when you meant to code it to case "A". Either way, this is easy to fix by cutting the code references from the case where they don't belong, then pasting them into the case where they do belong.

  1. Go to the case containing the code references you want to move.

  2. Uncheck the "View Source" box at the bottom of the study window. (This prevents the source window from popping up as you select code references. It is not necessary, but it's convenient.)

  3. Click the first code reference that you need to move. Then Command-click (Mac OS X) or Control-click (Windows) to select more code references, or Shift-click to select a block of codes. (If the code references you need to move are mixed in with others, you can choose Codes > Sort and choose to sort by Source File. This groups all the code references from each source file together, making it easier to select them.)

  4. Choose Edit > Cut Codes to cut the selected code references.

  5. Go to the case where you want to move the code references.

  6. Choose Edit > Paste to move the code references into the current case.

You can repeat this process as needed to move all your code references into the right case.