HyperRESEARCH Aids in Employee Performance Interventions

Dr. Darry B. Dugger, a Human Resources and Organizational Development Professional and University of Phoenix Faculty member, understandably engages in research on topics critical to his professional area, especially Organizational Training and Performance Improvement. In fact, he has constructed a web site to present his research on this very topic at http://dbduggerphd.com/.

In his current efforts to "Investigate and evaluate line leaders' perception and application of performance management interventions used to influence employee engagement" he has chosen to utilize Researchware's HyperRESEARCH and HyperTRANSCRIBE tools for qualitative data analysis and transcription, respectively. He incorporated our simply powerful tools into his data collection process referenced at http://dbduggerphd.com/data-collection---protocol.php. In conducting this research, Dr. Dugger developed some key observations for any human resource professional or manager involved in employee performance interventions. He notes in his conclusion that "The key discoveries from the data and research findings in this study, narrowed down to three important factors that must be considered when designing, implementing, executing, and evaluating performance improvement interventions used to influence employee engagement, They are:

  1. Line leader's confidence in the performance management process is critical.
  2. Successful line leaders experience a sensation of significance or value that is inherent to an effective performance management intervention process.
  3. This value perception of the line leader becomes a performance catalyst that drives successful behaviors to achieve the PMI's desired outcome of improving employee engagement behavior."