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Can more than one person code the same study?

Many of our customers use HyperRESEARCH in research teams. Here's how it's usually done:

If the work is done in stages, with each stage being handled by a different person, the process is simple: each team member works on the study, and then passes the study file and the source files along to the next researcher. (The coding is linked into the source files, so those files must be passed along with the study file.) Members of the team can use Mac OS X, Windows, or a combination.

If coding is done by multiple team members, all working on the same study at once, each team member is provided with a copy of the study file, along with whatever source files that team member will code. When coding is finished (or at a convenient stopping point), one researcher collects a copy of the study file from each team member, then uses the File > Import Other Studies command to merge the coding into a single study file. This unified file can be redistributed to the team for further coding or analysis.


For more detailed information, choose Help > HyperRESEARCH Help, click "Organization" in the list on the left, and click the "Working Collaboratively" topic. Or read our in-depth technical note on "Working Collaboratively".

Researchware continues to work on designing new functionality to make it easier for multiple researchers to work as a team, and future versions of HyperRESEARCH will include more features to support teamwork.