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My printout looks jumbled. What should I do?

If the text in your printout looks jumbled or confused — with some text lines printed over other lines, some text printed sideways, or extremely small text — this is probably because of an incompatibility in your printer driver. (The driver is the software your computer uses to run the printer. The printer manufacturer periodically updates the drivers in order to fix problems like this.)

If you experience this sort of problem, we recommend updating the printer driver software to the latest version available. You should be able to find the latest driver on the website of your printer manufacturer. This usually fixes printing problems. (If you update to the latest version and still see a problem, please contact Technical Support and let us know. It is helpful if you can give us the name and model number of your printer, and the driver version, as well as which window you're printing.)

Tip: If you're printing a source window, try changing the text font and size by using the controls at the top of the source window. Depending on the nature of the problem, a slight change to the font may correct it. Also try printing to another type of printer if one is accessible to you, or printing to PDF; if the problem is a bug in your printer's driver, using a different printer will bypass it.