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Researchware, Inc.

Simply Powerful Tools for Qualitative Research

Can I use the software on more than one computer?

Yes. Our software license allows multiple copies of the software to be installed on different computers, as long as only one copy per license is actually in use at any given time. This allows for either of two scenarios:
  • A single user uses the software. This user may install the software onto any number of computers available to him or her (laptop/desktop, home/office/lab, etc.), as long as only one copy is in use at a time.
  • Multiple users use the software at different times. A single copy may be installed on a single computer, for use by multiple users (for example, the members of a research team who each work with the software at various times).

To install the software on an additional computer, download the HyperRESEARCH Free Limited Edition or the demo of HyperTRANSCRIBE, then use your license key to fully enable it.