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How do I use Windows Media files (WMA audio or WMV video)?

QuickTime, which is used by HyperRESEARCH and HyperTRANSCRIBE for media playback, doesn't play Windows Media (WMA or WMV) natively. If you have files in these formats, there are several ways for you to proceed:

If you have not already made sound recordings in WMA format, check whether your digital recorder allows you a choice of formats.

If you already have recordings in WMA or WMV format, you can purchase codec components that will add support for WMA or WMV files (or other files not natively supported) to Quicktime. See Apple's "Adding additional media format support to QuickTime" article:

If you already have recordings in WMA or WMV format, you can convert the files to another format that's compatible. There are many free or low-cost conversion programs available for both Mac OS X and Windows; you can find them by searching the web for phrases like "convert file types" or "convert wma to mp3."

For a full list of the media file formats Quicktime can support (both natively and with add-on "codec components") please see Apple's "Media formats supported by QuickTime Player" article: